We help our customers bring their innovative new healthcare products to market in a range of different ways, however our services can be grouped into the following four categories, which all have a detailed understanding of Market Access at their heart.

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Our Consultancy Services

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Market Access

Global Market Access is the single most important determinant of commercial success for healthcare companies today, and the biggest hurdle to be overcome in the delivery of the latest advancements in care to patients.

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Insight Market Research

Our Insight Market Research programme arms you with the knowledge and insights to launch your new brand successfully. We help our clients answer their critical Market Access questions so that risk is minimised and patients can receive the innovative new care they need as quickly as possible.

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Brand & Launch Excellence

The successful launch of any new pharmaceutical brand must take into account the critical dimensions of brand, company and market. But most importantly of all, a coherent Market Access strategy must lie at the heart of all business and brand planning.

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GalbraithWight Business School

Positive reinforcement and continual learning is the key to long-term success. This is why we founded the GalbraithWight Business School, so that those working in the healthcare industry can benefit from new knowledge and skills which will continue to deliver value to their organisation long after we’ve finished our engagement with them.

Client Testimonials

"Overall training that changes behaviour. Gold standard. ... I can truly and honestly recommend all concerned as professional, trustworthy and highly skilled.""
Gerry Thompson, Head of Dermatology, Emerging Markets Asia pacific - GSK

“The training days were dynamic, energetic and fun to be a part of, and most of all productive in increasing our capability in this area.”
Rosemarie Delaney, Associate Director, Market Access - Sanofi Pasteur MSD

“All people who I spoke to found the sessions very engaging and educational.  They seemed to be the right balance of information and discussion that allowed for deeper learning and engagement.”
BMS Training Delegate 2013

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