“He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever,” - Chinese Proverb

The global healthcare industry is facing greater challenges than ever before. With rising clinical development costs, declining drug discovery success rates, greater challenges for reimbursement and pricing for new medicines, growing numbers of cheaper generic alternatives and increasing demand for evidence-based personalised treatments. If you do not have a thorough understanding of how each of these challenges will affect you then you are simply stumbling around in the dark. This is why independent market research undertaken by experts in the healthcare industry is essential.

What is GalbraithWight’s Insight Market Research?

Our Insight Market Research programme arms you with the knowledge and insights to launch your new brand successfully. He help our clients answer their critical Market Access questions [include a link to ‘The Market Access challenges we can address’ section/page] so that risk is minimised and patients can receive the innovative new care they need as quickly as possible.

How does it help?

We understand that market research is not an end in itself; it is a roadmap to help you on your journey to success. GalbraithWight therefore does not simply hand over a bunch of facts and figures, but uses the research findings to deliver insightful recommendations that will help advance the Market Access strategies for your project.

Why use GalbraithWight Insight Market Research?

GalbraithWight’s market researchers have a wide range of experience in producing qualitative and quantitative research with HCPs, patients and Payers across a number of therapy areas. We work on all aspects of research, from designing research and materials to moderating panels, undertaking analysis and writing debriefs. Most of our market researchers come from the client side so they have a detailed understanding of the needs of pharma companies, but perhaps most importantly of all, it means they know the difference between theoretical aspirations and what can actually be put into practice.
GalbraithWight has a wide ranging network of trusted and experienced contacts in both established and developing Pharmaceutical markets to draw on. This combination of experience and connections means that our consultants comply with all relevant codes of conduct and ethical guidelines, both nationally, regionally and globally.