About GalbraithWight

“At GalbraithWight we are passionate about improving the way the global healthcare industry commercialises its brands, in order to improve the lives of patients while creating real value for our clients.
If you want to fully optimise your Market Access strategy, up-skill your team or simply feel that your activities could benefit from a fresh perspective, do please get in touch. We’d be delighted to explore how we might be able to add value to your organisation.” ”

Colin Wight, Chief Executive

Our Vision

Our mission is to help healthcare companies improve lives and create value through the successful commercialisation of their products

GalbraithWight is a specialist global market access consultancy. Our team of expert practitioners design and deliver consulting and training solutions for the global healthcare industry. We deliver tailored solutions in three key areas; Market Access, Brand & Launch Excellence, and Insight Market Research. We help our customers bring their innovative new healthcare products to the patients that need them. Our goal for our customers is to reduce risk and maximise the probability of success with a Market Access strategy that is designed specifically for them. We help our clients identify, create and communicate the optimum Market Access solution for their products, at any stage of the development and commercialisation process.

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What makes GalbraithWight different?

  • Market Access is the single most important determinant of commercial success for pharma companies. If you’re not focusing on Market Access at every stage of the development lifecycle, you risk derailing your project and failing before you’ve even launched. This is why a detailed understanding of Market Access lies at the heart of every service we deliver.
  • With consultants based in Europe, US and Asia Pacific, we have a wide geographical range of experience and expertise for local, regional and national Payer organisations.
  • Our team of consultants is among the most experienced ever assembled at a consultancy in this sector, including global and strategic marketers, market researchers, NHS affairs experts, academics, health economists, pharmacists, NHS executives, clinicians and training specialists – all with extensive ‘hands-on’ experience.

“Market Access is the single most important determinant of commercial success”

Our Services

Meet The Team

Our team of consultants is among the most experienced ever assembled at a consultancy in this sector. Everyone at GalbraithWight is dedicated to delivering a Market Access strategy that delivers real value to your organisation and ultimately improves patient care.

Senior Management

  • Colin wight
    Colin Wight

  • Mary skeels
    Mary Skeels
    General Manager


  • Mark boyden
    Mark Boyden
    Principal Consultant

  • Jackie briggs
    Jackie Briggs
    Principal Consultant

  • Julia clark
    Julia Clarke
    Senior Consultant

  • Glenda crawford
    Glenda Crawford
    Senior Consultant

    Asia Pacific - Australia

  • Olivia guillot paul
    Olivia Guillot-Paul
    Senior Consultant

  • Nicky hall
    Nicky Hall
    Principal Consultant


  • Laura harris
    Laura Harris
    Principal Consultant

  • Cathy jordan
    Cathy Jordan
    Senior Consultant

  • Ilsu labat camy n
    Ilsu Labat-Camy
    European Account Manager

  • Trudie loveridge
    Trudie Loveridge
    Principal Consultant

  • Steve mazzarese n
    Steve Mazzarese
    Global Director of Business Development, Launch Excellence – Product Launch Planning & Strategy

  • Eithne mcshane
    Eithne McShane
    Global Business Development Director

  • Tanea neville
    Tanea Neville
    Principal Consultant

  • Carlotta pellegrini
    Carlotta Pellegrini
    Brand Excellence Director

  • Lpereira
    Lori Pereira
    Principal Consultant

  • Emma rawlins
    Emma Rawlins
    Principal Consultant

  • Taufi ryder
    Taufi Ryder
    Principal Consultant


  • Jane thomas
    Jane Thomas
    Senior Consultant

    Asia Pacific - China

  • Andrea schatke
    Andrea Schatke
    Senior Consultant

  • Janet waters
    Janet Waters
    Principal Consultant

  • Eric wery
    Eric Wery
    Senior Consultant

  • Lup yee yau
    Lup Yee Yau
    Senior Consultant

Support Team

  • Melanie dearing
    Melanie Dearing
    Project Support Manager

  • Vittoria de ghislanzoni cardoli
    Vittoria de Ghislanzoni Cardoli
    European Project Manager

  • Julie green
    Julie Green
    European Project Manager

  • Lisa edwards
    Lisa Edwards
    Financial Controller and Office Manager

  • Jacqui marwood
    Jacqui Marwood
    Accounts and Project Analyst

  • Rosmurphy
    Rosalyn Murphy
    Accounts and Project Analyst

  • Fiona warren
    Fiona Warren
    Finance & Administrative Assistant